“One upone a time…” nearly all of the fairy tales start like this.

Abruzzo Creativo’s story is very different: it started unwittingly – i don’t even remember the exact date – and it carried on as light as a fish tail’s flick.
Abruzzo Creativo is the result of a shared idea between my friend and colleague Mauro Forte and I. Nearly for fun, surely not starting with a long term idea or aiming at a so called “serious business project”: drafts, coffee drops here and there, giggles, my best friend and former classmate, Annalisa Faieta’s pencil  – now flower designer -…  All these elements are life moments which led us to a final product.
Then again, as it often happens, projects become part of you and tend to take up more space, hence Mauro and I chose to take different and individual paths,  knowing that the beauty of friendship lies within the ability of saying “goodbye” with the same sincere pleasure with which we shared ideas and moments with coffee mugs.
So the year 2013 has become my compass: from architect to becoming the brand designer of a product that tells a story of an entire region.
From Trabocchi to the Presentosa jewel, to Flaiano, to the Capestrano Warrior, i discovered that my homeland, its history and its traditions, allowed me to new concepts and a great outlook on minimal design.
My name is Paola, I am curious, I tell stories through symbols and icons of the unknown Italy: you want to know about  my best journey?! Discovering well kept treasures, in my homeland.
My Abruzzo is different, find out more about my style on contemporary table settings and my instagram gallery with special blue hues.